Querix Phoenix

Querix Phoenix 4.12

Allows users to render and use 4GL applications in a familiar style
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4.12 (See all)
Querix Ltd.

Phoenix is an advanced thin-client that enables 4GL applications, developed or compiled using the Lycia compiler suite, to be displayed in a format that is familiar to users of PCs with a Windows operating system and related software packages. Phoenix has been developed to make database usage as familiar and user-friendly as possible for Windows users. Phoenix interacts with 4GL programs to enable easy access to most of the common database systems including:
- Informix® (v4.1 or later)
- Oracle® (v8i or later)
- IBM DB2™ (v8.1 or later)
- Microsoft® SQL Server™ (v7 or later)
- Pervasive® (v8.5 or later)
- PostgreSQL
-Other RDBMSs via ODBC without Dynamic SQL translation.

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